Steam Boss Inc. cleaning boat carpet/upholstery for over 15 years!

  • Cleanings can be performed on a trailer or dock side.
  • Self-contained cleaning truck. No dockside power or water source necessary.
  • We have the skill, patience and equipment to clean in tight quarters.
  • Regular cleanings are necessary to remove soil, sand and stains. If not removed, they can shorten the life the carpet/upholstery.
  • Professional grade equipment ensures a deeper clean, and a faster dry time.
  • Cleaning helps prevent nasty odors.
  • Boat Detailing

    Boat Detailing

    Boat Detailing

    When you think of boating what comes to mind?

    Fishing, skiing or just relaxing watching a fabulous sunset over the water? But there is another side of boating that is not so glamorous….the maintenance. When it comes to the carpeting/upholstery in your boat, soil, sand and stains if not removed regularly will shorten the its life. This is especially true in boats, as the carpeted areas are usually small and narrow, and receive a lot of wear.

    Nobody wants to spend a precious weekend off working on their boat. Let Steam Boss help! We have been cleaning boat carpeting and upholstery for over 15 years. Our cleaning truck is self-contained and requires no additional water or power source. We use professional grade equipment that ensures a faster dry time. Boats can be cleaned on the trailer OR dockside.

    Here are a few pointers to help keep your carpet in good shape between professional cleanings.

    • Vacuum, vacuum and vacuum! Removing soil and debris is the best way to keep your carpet looking newer longer.
    • Do not use bleach or bleach-based cleaners to remove the stains or any mildew that you might have. It is the fasted way to remove the color in the fibers, will not come back unless they are professionally dyed.
    • Open hatches and windows to air out the boat as often as possible. Stagnate, moist air is often a problem with boats.
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