Carpet Cleaning

Details are our specialty! We take pride in what we do and want to deliver the best end result possible. Over the years we have refined our carpet cleaning process. We truly feel our process, attention to detail, and our great customer service are why we're a great choice to be your carpet cleaner.

Walk-thru: We will walk-thru the areas you’re wanting to have cleaned, and carefully evaluate your cleaning needs. At this time we’ll address any concerns you may have, and answer any questions as well. We can usually provide an accurate quote over the phone, but we will let you know what the final price will be before we start. No surprises! No pushy salespeople!

Safety & Protection: One of the extra steps we do is utilize corner guards and drop clothes down to prevent your paint from getting scuffed and to keep hard surfaces protected from any damage from our hoses and tools. We are very careful when working in your home. We like to take extra precautions to protect your home from damage.

Pre-Vacuum: We will vacuum the carpet prior to cleaning to ensure we remove as much fine dry soil and pet hair before we begin cleaning. Many of our clients like to vacuum before we arrive, and that’s okay. We like to ensure the carpet has been thoroughly vacuumed ourselves so that we get the best end result possible.

Furniture Moving: We ask that you remove small items out of the areas we’ll be cleaning before we arrive, and secure breakables as well. We can slide furniture out from its original position, clean underneath, and then place plastic tabs or styrofoam blocks under the legs. This ensures no damage will occur to the furniture or carpet.

Pre-Conditioning & Spotting: We will apply a biodegradable cleaning solution to the entire carpet to help break up and suspend the soils that have accumulated between regular cleaning appointments. We agitate the carpet surface with either specialized brushes or a counter rotating brush machine. At this time we’ll also address any special spots/stains with our specialty spotting products. We have the education and training on how to identify and remove many spots/stains. There are times a spot/stain may be permanent, however we have a high success rate at removing most spots/stains.

Cleaning & Fresh Water Rinsing: We use our powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to rinse and extract the soil from the carpet. Our fresh water rinsing system features a water softening system. Using our fresh water rinsing system will leave the carpet clean, fluffy, and soft. It will also keep the carpet cleaner longer leaving no residue behind. We have many rinsing tools in our cleaning arsenal but our Zipper carpet cleaning tool pictured here really does a great just of flushing out soils and leaving the carpet dry. We have state-of-the-art cleaning wands and rotary extraction machines. We choose the best tool for the job.

Fast-Drying: We pride ourselves on our ability to get the carpet dry quickly so you can get back to normal life with little interruption as possible. We do multiple dry passes that remove excess moisture from the carpet. We also use carpet drying fans to aid in the process when needed.

Carpet Protector & Groom: We offer carpet protector application after your carpet is cleaned as an additional optional service. Carpet protector creates an “invisible shield” that helps your vacuum remove the soils that build up over time. It also penetrates the fiber improving your carpet’s stain resistance.

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