Grout Repair & Color Sealing

Did your floor lose its appearance despite regular cleaning? It is time for tile & grout cleaning by a professional. Tiles and grout are more porous than most people know. Dirt and bacteria slowly settle deep into the pores. Regular cleaning techniques are not enough to remove the grime anymore. The professionals of Steam Boss Inc. have all the tools to deep clean your tiles & grout.

In some cases, only cleaning is not enough to get back the same appearance as when your floor was new. Over time grout gets damaged. Cracks in the grout are a common problem. In many cases, the original grout substance or application had faults. On the other hand, even high-quality grout needs repairing after a certain amount of time. Luckily, we know exactly how to repair your grout. Sometimes removal of the old grout and applying a new layer of grout is necessary. In other cases, we can repair the grout without removing all the old grout. Our team knows exactly what to do according to the needs of your floor. After the restoration of the grout, to its former glory, the work is not finished yet. Grout is porous and sealing is necessary to protect against fluids, grime, and bacterias. Sealing the grout in kitchens and bathrooms is even more important for protection against leakages.

The sealer we apply penetrates deep within the grout lines for full protection against water and oil-based liquids. Sealed grout lines are easily cleaned, by wiping the floor. We highly recommend sealing tiles of natural stones as well. Natural stones like slate and limestone are porous and need sealing for protection. For every grout repair & sealing job, we are ready to help you.

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