3 Myths about Carpet Cleaning in Safety Harbor, FL

There are numerous myths that linger about carpet cleaning and carpets in general. The internet, for example, has many resources which you may refer to solve your carpet related issues. Different sites provide varying opinions which leave you muddled. When it is about clean your carpet, you cannot rely on contradictory information. Incorrect procedures, tools and products can damage your carpet permanently and thus affect the appearance of your house within seconds. You can cause serious harm to your carpet by falling victim to any of these carpet cleaning myths.

Myth 1: You Should Not Vacuum Your Carpet Often
Several people have been told that vacuuming the carpet is bad for it. The truth is that modern carpeting is designed to withstand a lot of vacuuming. Even if you vacuum daily, which many people do, your carpet can stand up to it. To care for your carpet, be sure to use the right vacuum cleaner. The Carpet and Rug Institute has a list of tested and approved vacuums on their website. Vacuuming once a week is enough for most homes, but businesses and high traffic areas may require up to daily vacuuming.

Myth 2: Steam Ruins a Carpet
Most people will tell you that steaming is not a good way to clean your carpet. The truth is that the best carpet cleaning companies use steam cleaning (hot water extraction) because it washes a carpet thoroughly. Top carpet manufacturers also recommend steam cleaning at once a year to keep your warranty valid.

Myth 3: New Carpets Do Not Need to Be Cleaned
It is a pure myth that if your carpet is new, then it does not require professional cleaning. A carpet may look clean, yet it carries a lot of dirt, dust and other pollutants. New carpets are designed to hide stains well. Thus, you should ensure your carpet is professionally cleaned every six to 12 months.

These are just some of the most common carpet cleaning myths. If you are looking for professional carpet cleaners in Safety Harbor, FL, do not hesitate to contact Steam Boss Inc. Give us a call at 727-301-4149 to schedule your next carpet cleaning!

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