Pet Odor & Stain Removal

We think it is safe to say that our pets become family and some people may even call them their furry loved ones. However there are times where we may not love what they do to our furniture, belongings, and carpet; especially when it comes to pet urine. There are absorbent type products, deodorizers, enzymes, and many other store bought pet odor removal products out there, but do they really work? We've found that many of them claim that you can simply spray the product and the odor will go away, but that isn't the case.

Types Of Pet Odor Removal Products
Masking Agents - As the name suggests, a masking agent simple masks the smell and doesn't really do anything but cover the smell up for awhile. It has to be applied over and over again to keep up with the odor. This is bad for three reasons - It can be very expensive having to purchase more and more product. When you apply a solution to urine you change the chemical make up of the urine itself. We've found that these masking agents make it extremely difficult to remove the odor and staining when we're called to professionally remove it. Many of these masking agents will leave a residue that can make the area get dirty faster which will cause premature wear to the carpet and lessen it's lifespan.

Pairing Agents - This type of odor removal products work on a molecular level. The malodor smelling molecule will bond with odor removal product to create an odorless molecule. To put it in simple terms, the pairing agent odor removal product cancels out the bad smell. We find that these products do work quite well, there is one major issue. The actual source of the odor isn't being removed from the carpet.

Enzyme Agents - Enzymes are good bacteria and their job is to search out bad bacteria such as the kind in urine that causes the odor. When the enzymes encounter the bad bacteria they begin to break it down and digest which destroys the malodor causing bacteria. Enzymes are an excellent choice when it comes to pet odor removal and is what we mainly utilize to attack pet urine odor.

How Do We Remove Pet Odor?
We offer two types of pet odor removal. The more cost effective of the two options is Topical Odor Removal. However; as you'll read below if your pet has used a specific area multiple times sometimes we need to use a more invasive approach.

Topical Odor Removal
For our Topical Pet Ddor Removal Process we use a product that helps to break down the urine and urine salt crystals so that they can be more easily removed from the carpet. We apply the odor removal product topically and we allow it to dwell to give it plenty of time to work. We then take our sub surface extraction tool that allows us to remove the urine from the carpet padding, carpet backing, and the carpet face yarn. We treat the areas multiple times if necessary until we see that no more urine is coming out of the carpet. We then deal with any remaining staining with our specialty spotting products.

Restoration Odor Removal
This process is best for when our furry loved one has marked or urinated in one area over and over again. This issue is that the urine has soaked through the carpet, the backing and now is being absorbed into the sub floor. First we disengage the carpet and pull it back and we can easily identify the problem area. We remove the padding and then clean and treat the sub floor with a sealing product that doesn't allow the urine to penetrate back through. Once the sealing product dries we treat the carpet backing and face yarns like we do in our topical odor removal process. Next we will replace the damaged pad and re-install the carpet. Finally we clean the carpet and deal with any staining that remains.

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