Steam Boss Technologies

Powerful Truck Mounted Systems

Our powerful machine is mounted in our cleaning van which allows us to only bring the hoses and tools we need in for the job.

We also utilize our on board water softening system so that you can be sure your carpet is nice and soft after cleaning. Our cleaning solution does get very hot as our machine can heat the solution up to 230+ degrees to help our cleaning agents be more efficient in their cleaning ability.

This heat does not damage your carpet. We do ask that children and pets stay clear of our hoses so that there are no accidents.

CRB & Zipper Wands

CRB(Counter Rotation Brush): As you have been reading our carpet cleaning process you may have noticed us mention our CRB. Our CRB helps to agitate the carpet to break up heavy soiling and body oils. It is great at removing pet hair that is embedded in the carpet too.

Zipper Carpet Cleaning Wand: We are always researching and investing into better equipment. Our Zipper Carpet Cleaning Wand features 5 spray jets and 2 suction slots at both the back and the front of the tool. It has incredible flushing and extraction ability. What that means for you is maximum soil removal without soaking wet carpet afterwards.


The Seal-A-Door is another part of our customer care process. Just as its name suggests it seals up the doorway but has a small area for our hoses to go through. We find this most convenient on hot and humid days so that you can keep your home cool without the inconvenience of letting all of that cool air out of your home.

Our Seal-A-Door features a clear window so that you can still see any visitors that may come to the door while we’re working. If you need to let someone in please let us know and we’ll remove and replace it with ease. This is just one more thing we provide to make your cleaning experience an enjoyable one.

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