What to Look for When Buying a Rug or Carpet

Types of fibers to look for when purchasing new carpeting or an area rug:

Beauty is more than skin deep, especially when it comes to carpets and rugs.

There is nothing better better then a beautiful rug to bring together a room. But, when shopping for a rug there is more to consider then just its looks. The fibers the carpet is made of can adversely effect it’s longevity and ability to clean.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you purchase.
Are you getting a good value for your money?
How will the rug wear?
Will stains clean up well, and how should it be cleaned?

Listed below are some of the most popular fibers and the pros and cons of each:

Natural Fibers

1. Wool
Pros: Excellent in hiding soils, flexible, strong and resilient
Cons: Expensive, easily stained. removing urine stains is difficult, not adviseable to use consumer spot removal products
2. Jute
Pros: Very durable, eco friendly fiber (it comes from plants)
Cons: Course rough feel, difficult to remove stains

Synthetic Fibers

1. Nylon
Pros: Strong, resilient to stains, cleans and wears well, best bang for buck
Cons: Suspect-able to fading

2. Olefin (polypropylene)
Often used as indoor/outdoor rugs or Berbers
Pros: Least absorbent, economical, stain and fade resistant
Cons: Not resistant to oily soils, poor resiliency in high traffic areas (they seem to flatten), costs less doesn’t seem to last as lon

3. Polyester
Pros: Resists fading, economical, stain resistant, cleans easily
Cons: Poor resilience, suspect able to crushing/matting, attracts soils

4. Rayon or Viscose (artificial silk)
Pros: Unique silk like look and fee
Cons: Stains easily, wears down quickly w/foot traffic, manufactured under a highly toxic process (no longer made in USA), does not clean well, pet stains
are very difficult to remove. Any water sitting on rug can lead to dark yellowing and structural damage. Fabric is manufactured from wood pulp.

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